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I am steadfast in my political beliefs, but I don't really know which party they would put me in. Maybe you can help classify me, or maybe you'd like to begin a debate: email me!

ABORTION: Despite my religious standpoint (see the RELIGION section) on this matter, I am pro-choice and will remain so. Most see this matter as a two-sided fight; I see three sides. You can be pro-life, pro-choice, or pro-abortion. I am absolutely NOT pro-abortion, but I still believe in the seperation of church and state and I think it should be the woman's choice, not the government's.

TAXES: Bush said he would make tax cuts. He did. For the rich. Bush wants to make the tax cuts permanent, but hasn't a solid plan to afford it. In other words, our taxes would have been much safer without any change in the first place.

SOCIAL SECURITY: I support the privatization of the social security tax. Currently, our social security money isn't doing much--it will benefit all of us more if we can invest it ourselves instead of trusting someone like Bush to spend it wisely.

DEATH PENALTY: The sole accomplishment of the death penalty is to prove that our government can kill just as well as the dictatorships can. It is, simply put, an eye for an eye method. Every human life is valuable, and anyone can be changed. The government needs to put its money towards rehabilitation programs instead of electric chairs and lethal injections.

UNEMPLOYMENT: Obviously, I think unemployment should be lowered. How, I have no idea.

WAR: The only thing we're doing in Iraq is getting our soldiers killed. I do not disagree with keeping our country prepared for war, but I don't believe we should be imposing democracy on unwilling countries. There is a fine line between occupation and liberation, and we have crossed that line--the Iraqi polls say so. The split between those in favor of the U.S. invasion and those against is nearly fifty-fifty, which should have been a signal to Bush to pull out. We are now too deep into the situation to pull out, so we have to finish what we started.

GAY MARRIAGE: There is abolutely NO reason for this to be banned. Mark Twain said "History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme." This situation definitely rhymes with black rights and women rights. Homosexuals are just like anyone else, and they should not be denied the right to marriage. I seem to remember the constitution saying something about majority rule with MINORITY RIGHTS...


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