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This page has completely random thoughts and questions that pop into my head at any given time. Please add some or answer some questions.

Do octopi have gill slits? If so, where are they? If not, how does water circulate through their gills?

How do gills extract the O from H2O?

Is the game Dungeons & Dragons really based in the occult?

What does the drink "wassail" consist of?

How did polka dots get their name?

When was the earliest compass invented?

How long have people navigated by the stars?

How did the phrase "the butler did it" originate?

How did the Cleveland Browns get their name?

What is "the Beale" (then i'm walkin' in memphis, with my feet ten feet off the beale--Marc Cohn)?

How many letters are in the Hebrew alefbet?

Do each of the Hebrew letters correspond with a numeric value?

How is a Malay Mancatcher built?

How can anyone possibly dispute the fact that the Eagles are the beset team in the NFL?

Is there a group of animals described with the word squadron?

What is an adze?

What is the tradition of the German Christmas pickle?

Does turkey really make you tired?

What is the Christmas song "The 12 Days of Christmas" about? Where did the "12" come from?

What parts of the Christian Bible are included in the Jewish Torah?

How can a sound be successfully made with a conch shell?

What does the word tumescent mean?

Has anyhting substantial actually been predicted by astrology?

Does sprinkling ground-up drywall on a stain on your driveway or garage floor clean it?

What are the origins of the Christmas tradition of kissing under mistletoe?

What made Rameses the Great so great?

Does orientate mean the same thing as orient?

What were the Dead Sea Scrolls?

What are fetters?

What does Hosanna mean?

Who nominates people for Grammies and what are their nominations based on?

When and of what did George Harrison die?

Where is a Neapolitan from?

What are some great flood stories of other cultures and regligions aside form Noah's Ark?

What are the differences between porpoises and dolphins?

How is a ballista built?


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